Abstracts are invited from faculty and studentson the theme of the conference

Both member institute and non-member institute can participate.
The abstract be submitted by February 15th, 2021.


Note: if the non-paper is a dynamic installation which requires an extended timeline for display. Then the author should specify the duration and other requirements at the stage of abstract submission via an email to the organising committee at iffti2021@pearlacademy.com.

30th November, 2020


Paper submission: Date for conference call

Non-paper submission: Call for conference

28th January, 2021


Paper submission: Submission of abstracts

Non-paper submission: Submission of abstracts

28th February, 2021


Paper submission: Reviews returned

Non-paper submission: Panel to review the entries

15th March, 2021


Paper submission: All authors notified: accepted paper authors invited to submit

Non-paper submission: All authors notified: accepted abstract

14th June, 2021


Non-paper submission: Practitioners submit details about their work and explain their plans to deliver the work along with 3000 words extended proposal

30th June, 2021


Paper submission: Full papers returned

5th July, 2021


Non-paper submission: Review of extended proposal and details of the non-paper proposals

12th July, 2021


Non-paper submission: Acceptance of final proposal

15th August, 2021


Paper submission: Full paper reviews completed

25th August, 2021


Paper submission: Authors notified with acceptances and revisions

5th October, 2021


Paper submission: Final papers submitted to organisers

25th October, 2021


Paper submission: Conference