Synthesizing scholarly and industry perspectives
to help in building a more sustainable future.

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By: Ashita Singhal

Ashita Singhal’s brainchild, Paiwand Studio, is all about giving love to textile waste and reviving handloom weaving, bringing an ecological spin to the textile industry.
The designer and social entrepreneur is empowering artisans and facilitating design houses to start their own sustainable journey by providing them with upcycled canvases. Hear from Ashita about how Paiwand Studio creates unseen, exciting, and meaningful textiles to reform the fashion industry.


By: Avik and Priyambrata

Bio-bricks are an important step in taking our communities towards sustainability. They provide us with ecological materials for construction while offering a remarkable solution for air pollution. So, how did the masterminds Priyabrata Rautray and Avik Roy come up with this revolutionary innovation? What goes on behind the scenes in the creation of these bricks? Join us for Hand that makes with the creators of bio bricks to find out!

Jaipur rugs

By: Kavita Chaudhary

Every rug has a story woven in its threads. A tale of its creation, of the artistry, and of the hands that make it.

These expert craftsmen are keeping their traditions alive and passing their exceptional skills to the future. It takes months’ worth of combined hard work of 180 artisans to create a single piece of rug. Join us at our special session, Hand That Makes with Jaipur Rugs to watch this tale unfold and understand how supporting local artisans impacts the society.

'Hand That Makes': Revisit The July Session

Highlighting scholarly perspectives on a matter that is both Urgent and Emergent, Hand That Makes was an essential part and much-awaited event at the 23rd Annual International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes (IFFTI) conference hosted by Pearl Academy with the theme “Fashioning Resurgence: Our Time is Now”.

The aim of the event was to celebrate, highlight, and amplify best practices in global and local textile and fashion industries. Synthesizing scholarly and industry perspectives, this event established a path which can build a more sustainable future. We invited members of industry to share the glimpse of what the future holds for all stakeholders. With this tour we would like to open dialogue and avenues where students, academicians, researchers and industry partners can come together and help in creating a balanced future for our industry.

Meet the Panel Presenters

Join these renowned experts in the panel discussion to synthesize perspectives for building a better future for the industry.

Watch ‘Hand That Makes’ in action!

Stream full episodes of our session ‘Hand That Makes’ featuring creators and makers from all over the world.